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Dissent (Newcastle Obelisk) Tote© by Anorak®

Dissent (Newcastle Obelisk) Tote© by Anorak®

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Black and red print on Calico bag.

From the City of Newcastle's site:

"The Obelisk is one of our city's oldest navigational markers.  

The first navigational marker on the site was built in 1820 and was known as the Government Flour Mill. 

In 1847 the Government decided to demolish the mill and it was submitted to auction to be demolished. The action roused a storm of protest in shipping quarters, where it was claimed that the old windmill was a guiding mark for mariners entering the harbour. Petitions were at once forwarded to the Governor, but the purchaser sped up the demolition and the building was down before the Government could cancel the sale. However, continued agitation by the shipowners compelled the Government to act, and in 1850 The Obelisk was erected on the spot where the old windmill stood."

Proving that Community dissent can sometimes win out.

Designed and handprinted by Sean for Anorak® in our little studio next to our shop - Blackbird Corner. Calico tote is 40cm high (excluding 45cm handles) x 35cm wide with a 35cm gusset.

Please note: each tote is hand printed by Sean, so there may be small inconsistencies in print and colour as he is only human. 
The position of the print on each tote may also slightly vary (for the same reason.) But that's why you're buying an independent designer's creation yeah?
Photos are taken in natural light, please consider that colours may vary between monitors.