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Chatterbox© 3 badge set by Anorak®

Chatterbox© 3 badge set by Anorak®

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"Chatterbox" n Informal 1 Somebody who talks incessantly. 2 A papertoy.

Chatterbox Directions

  1. Cut out a square of paper
  1. Fold the square iin half to form a rectangle. Open it back up and fold it in half into a rectangle the other                 way. Open it back up. 
  1. Fold all four corners into the centre
  1. Turn Chatterbox over and then fold all four corners into centre on this side.
  1. Fold square in half horizontally.
  1. Put pointer fingers and thumbs into pockets formed and open up.

The “Chatterbox”© 3 Badge set was designed and handmade by Anorak® in Newcastle NSW Australia, exclusively for Blackbird Corner.

The three 25mm badges come presented on an Anorak® designed backing card which includes an explanation of the "chatterbox" on the back.

Wrapped in a cellophane bag, they make lovely & unique gifts!