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Metalbird - Regent Honeyeater STAINLESS STEEL

Metalbird - Regent Honeyeater STAINLESS STEEL

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Metalbird have teamed up with the amazing people at Birdlife Australia to bring a range of native, endangered birds to their range over the next 12 months. They'll be donating 10% of every sale directly back to them to help them support our birdlife. We're thrilled to Introduce you to the first of the Birdlife range - the Regent Honeyeater! Endemic to South-Eastern Australia, the Regent Honeyeater is critically endangered.

But, this Regent Honeyeater is even more special! This birdy is their very first stainless steel bird! This gives the product even more flexibility as it can be displayed inside or outside and doesn't rust. 

The hammering of a steel ‘peg’ into a tree will not do any damage to it. It may cause the tree to lose some sap in the short term but will not do any medium or long term damage to it.

All Metalbirds we stock at Blackbird Corner are made in Melbourne, Australia.
Size: 29cm x 20cm