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Metalbird - SWALLOW & CHICKS
Metalbird - SWALLOW & CHICKS
Metalbird - SWALLOW & CHICKS

Metalbird - SWALLOW & CHICKS

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The Swallows Nest is a special release. A tender silhouette of a Swallow feeding her chicks, this limited edition Metalbird is crafted from Corten steel and is inspired by the women who raised us!

The Swallow is attentive and nurturing, incredibly communicative with her chicks and fiercely protective of them in the face of any threat. She watches them with a careful, encouraging eye as they make their first flights, guiding them in a language that only they can understand! 

The Swallow & Chicks is:

 26cm high by 23cm wide approximately 300g 
 Made locally produced right here in Aus
 Crafted from 3mm Corten steel and designed to last a lifetime
 Easy to install hold straight & simply tap the thickest end of the stake with a hammer or mallet until secure

All Metalbirds we stock at Blackbird Corner are made in Melbourne, Australia.
Size: 30cm x 24cm

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