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Metalbird - Swift Parrot

Metalbird - Swift Parrot

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The Swift Parrot is one of our few truly migratory birds. Their population numbers have been on a perilous decline for decades and are now considered critically endangered. The ‘Swifties’ are waiting for you to join them in their fight against extinction. They need our help now more than ever before, so that one day they can fly free again!

Swift Parrots are incredible birds. Every year they undertake an epic migration from the Tasmanian forests in which they nest. Flying across Bass Strait, they follow the flowering eucalyptus across south-eastern Australia to feed on the nectar they produce. Now, the biggest threat is the destruction of their woodland habitat, with the latest research estimating their effective population could be as few as 300 birds. 


In partnership with BirdLife Australia, Metalbird are supporting their conservation efforts by donating 10% of sales from each Metalbird sold from our BirdLife Australia collection. BirdLIfe Australia is working with local communities to restore and regenerate the woodlands the Swift Parrot and many other endangered birds rely on for their food. 


Material: 3mm Corten steel designed to rust and age beautifully over time.

Size: 29.8cm x 20cm

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